Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Pharmuni is a platform for students of life science studies. This platform provides its users an e-learning solution that lets them access quality focused learning material from the life science industry and insight into the daily business operations of the industry. This is vastly different to the contents that are taught in the classic line of life science studies and aims to prepare students for their future line of work.

In the life science industry, most jobs are very specific or require knowledge that previously could only be acquired through work experience. This makes it very difficult for life science students to start a career after graduation. Pharmuni has made it its business (and mission!) to impart and precisely certify this knowledge so that it can be presented when applying for a job. The platform provides industry knowledge and experience and makes it easier to start a career.

Pharmuni is focused on occupation and quality management related study, rather than the classic studies within a university environment. Our goal is to make your career entry into the complex world of life science as easy as possible. That’s why we teach you industry specific knowledge that comes precisely from this industry and from industry experts. Our platform will provide you with a foundation and, in-depth training that is relevant for different professions: From Quality Managers to Chemical Laboratory Technicians to Project Managers (and many more).

Pharmuni offers a variety of lectures and courses that impart knowledge on relevant topics from the life science sector. Our lectures are modular in structure and can be viewed regardless of time and location. Pharmuni also offers a set of full courses that cover multiple topics. After successful completion of a course or lecture, you will receive a Certificate.

In our future developments we will also offer Job Qualification Programmes where after successful completion you will receive a Job Qualification Certificate. Our certificates demonstrate that you have the experience and knowledge to put the complex knowledge, of the life science industry, into practice.

Lecture: In each individual Lecture we provide you high-quality content for your desired topic. Each lecture is also linked to a quiz and if you have mastered the quiz you will get a certificate of participation.

Course: Within the courses are multiple individual lectures (with the linked quizzes as we have heard before). If you mastered the whole course, you will receive a course certificate.

Programme: And within Programmes there are multiple courses. After you have successfully completed all of the required courses in this Programme, you will get the well earned Qualification Certificate.

All Pharmuni prices are calculated based on the topic covered, complexity, length and whether the content is an individual lecture or a full course, or programme. Meaning, each lecture, course and programme has a unique price. All of the Pharmuni prices include the content access, quiz access and the certificate. Discounts are applied to courses meaning it is cheaper to buy a full course then it would be if you purchased all the lectures individually. We are fully transparent with how our prices are calculated and want to make sure that you receive the best value for money.


Pharmuni is a brand of Zamann Pharma Support GmbH. This means that the learning platform is part of the Quality Management System of Zamann Pharma Support. This specification was awarded by TÜV Süd with the ISO 9001:2015, which is the leading standard in quality management worldwide. Our ISO certification include the ‘Qualification of Personnel in Pharmacy, Medical Technology and Quality Assurance.

Read more about it here:

For questions, feedback, or any other request please do not hesitate to contact us via or use our contact form in the application.

Every piece of Pharmuni content is assessed for size and complexity along with the inclusion of testing and certificates. This determines the price you see.


As an international platform we offer you the payment solutions provided by stripe, which includes VISA, Mastercard as well as American Express.

All invoices are based on Euro.

Yes, Pharmuni is a digital services and VAT applies to Pharmuni.

If a user choses to deactivate their Pharmuni account and has Courses or Lectures that are not completed and they can receive a refund for the unfinished lecture or course only if it has been purchased within the last 30 days. If the purchase is outside of 30 days, no refund is applied.


Users of Pharmuni will have individual Lectures. Then the set of Lectures is a full Course. A full course will cover multiple topics to address a core learning element.

Pharmuni is completely on-demand. You can start the course or lecture whenever you like, and there are no deadlines to complete it.

Pharmuni courses and lectures can be viewed from a variety of devices, including tablet and smartphone via our mobile app.

Once you have registered for a course or lecture, you can access it by clicking on the course link you receive in your confirmation mail notification. You can also start the course by signing in and navigating to your My Uni page.

Each Pharmuni course has a video presentation as its basis and is modular. Each course contains images, slides, voiceovers, and texts. In this way, we want to address different types of learners and meet their needs. At the end of the lecture, a knowledge quiz must be taken. After successfully passing the quiz, the user receives a certificate.

You can take as long as you like. There is no deadline.

As there are no deadlines to complete the course begin or complete the course. there are also no maximum views of the learning content. You can watch the course as many times
as you like.

You will not have any restrictions on how many times you can attempt the test. As we do not reveal the answer you (until it is correct), you have to actual read and understand the lecture content and then retry the quiz.

You will continue to have access to it even after you have completed the course, provided your account is still in place.


Yes, through ISO 9001:2015 certification, which awards our personnel training, we can issue official certificates that are officially recognized. With the certificate, we guarantee employers and 3rd parties that the certified person has understood our content and has successfully completed the associated quizzes. This gives people with the certificates a significant competitive advantage as they can prove their knowledge edge.


Please note that there are different certificates for different types of content types.
You get a certificate of participation for each lecture and the mastered quiz, a course certificate for each mastered course (multiple lectures + quizzes) and a Qualification Certificate for a complete programme (multiple courses including the lectures and quizzes of course).

If you have purchased an individual lecture and, successfully master the quiz, you will receive the certificate. If the lecture is part of a full course, you do not receive a certificate for the lecture, and after passing all the quizzes in the course, you will receive a course certificate.

All certificates will be valid for 2 years. If you would like to retake a lecture, course or programme before your certificate expires then you can chose to retake with a new certificate or without. The decision is yours and we will offer discounts to our students who chose to retake the learning pathway with a new certificate. If your current certificate has expired, and you want to retake the learning pathway, you will have the choice to retake with or without a new certificate. All new certificates will have a new unique ID and a new expiry date.

After successfully passing the quiz, you will be redirected to your course certificate and can download it. At the same time, you will also receive an email notification with a link that will take you directly to your certificate. In addition, your certificates are stored in your profile under Certificates. You can check here at any time.

Directly after successful completion of the course you will be directed to your course certificate and can download it directly. Alternatively you can go through your Profile and check these under the Certificates area.

Technical questions

Don’t worry! You can take the course as often as you like. If the lecture is cancelled for any reason, you can come back to the lecture at any time. Simply open the lecture and it will will automatically resume.

Should you have a technical problem you can contact us at and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Our goal is to ensure you have an on demand service and this value is built into our response times.