Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

Released on 12/10/2023


Embark on a journey to excellence as a Senior Quality Assurance Specialist with our comprehensive course suite. Dive into the essentials of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Quality Management Systems (QMS), tailored for the life sciences industry. Master compliance, documentation, and data security, alongside specialized subjects like deviation and risk management. Our program includes critical courses on CAPA, authority inspections, change control in GxP environments, supplier qualification, and an introduction to pharmacovigilance, equipping you with the knowledge to excel in rigorous QA roles.


9 participants

13 courses

By Pharmuni

Benefits of this qualification

Master the essentials of pharmaceutical quality as a Senior Quality Assurance Specialist, from GmP and QMS to risk management and pharmacovigilance, ensuring industry-leading excellence.

Benefits Of This Qualification

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Enhanced employability
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