Partnership with University Bremen

Stefanie Zapp

Stefanie Zapp


May brought not only a lot of sunny days this year, but also a lot of fantastic news! After Pharmuni was finally launched on May 4th, we can now proudly announce that we already have our first university partnership! The University of Applied Science in Bremen is an official partner of Pharmuni! In particular, the International Master’s Degree Program of Technical and Applied Biology, who have integrated Pharmuni into their program studies for this semester.

When we first started our journey with our university partners, it was clear that our research was correct: Students need this! Universities need this! The industry needs this! By having our first partner sign up, even before we launched, it is proof that the lecturers and professors we have spoken to, see and believe in the value of what Pharmuni can provide to their students. 

Universities and teachers alike, have the same goal that we do, ‘to create skilled and employable students’ so they can land the dream job that they have been working so hard for, over the past years. While on one side students receive valuable academic studies, they also need very specialized and in demand industry-specific-knowledge set. But how do they get that? Well, through Pharmuni of course and through our University Partnerships.  

We are incredibly proud of our partnership with the University of Applied Science in Bremen, and we look forward to many others in the nearest future! If you want to learn more about our Pharmuni Partnerships and how we, together, can set up students for success, we would love to talk to you.  


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